AirPlay over Apple’s AirVideo to Apple TV2 demo

This morning, after working out AirPlay video streaming details with Steven Troughton Smith, I decided to give Matej Knopp a call. His name may not ring a bell, but hes the developer of the awesome Air Video application. Air Video, which sells on the App Store for just three...

Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy | 9 to 5 Mac Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy

Image via CrunchBase 9to5mac is reporting that the AppleTV will be able to play any h.264 encoded video sent from the iPhone/iPad. This means that as you surf the web and discover something interesting to play you can stream it to your AppleTV. This is huge as it essentially...

Get some Flash on the iPad!

As you know by now (I hope) Flash is not supported on the iPhone nor the iPad.  But Flash is used on most web sites out there.  So how do you get to see those sites properly on the iPad? There is a free iPhone app (hope they will upgrade to iPad native soon) called Cloud Browse....

Live TV news on your iPhone straight in the browser with no app required

As you may recall, Livestation was the first company in the world demonstrating live streaming on iPhones back in 2008. A selection of Livestation’s partner channels is now available to watch live on iPhones/iPod Touches and soon iPads worldwide by simply opening the...