iPad international availability set for May 28

The iPad will finally be available internationally on Mat 28th 2010… with pre-orders starting on may 10th.  Canadians are expected to may 50$ more than their US cousins! Apple’s iBookstore which is currently only available in the US will also become available the day of the...

Possible Apple iSlate video (or possibly prototype of)

Final UPDATE: OK, move on, this is a fake… bleu screen with Adobe After effect applied.  Looked good none the less. UPDATE 1: I downloaded the HD version of the video (1st one is 720P and 2nd 1080p) and studied them frame by frame and I must say that the second video appear to...

Dell Mini 10v Gets 10.1” 1024×600 Display – Most likely NOT

What’s this? I just noticed Dell Japan has switched over from 10.1” 1024×576 displays over to 10.1” 1024 x 600 displays on the Dell Mini 10v! Will other countries follow suit? Dell US still offers 1024×576. A couple of things that really put me off the Dell Mini 10v is the...