Hell Just Froze: Apple allowing non XCode built Application in the App Store

Apple just published a press release in which they state that they are relaxing the rules on how to build applications for the App Store.  Until proven otherwise this mean that Apple opened the door back to Adobe Flash built applications. This is a serious win for Adobe and all...

Terminate All v1.1 released

I did some adjustments to the small utility “Terminate All” to make sure all users left over processes are terminated. I also changed the way I build the list of users to terminate and how the termination look is performed. I created a Google Code project called...

Terminate All, an OSX application to terminate all logged in users

Today I decided that I had to do something to help me take resources back on my Mac.  If you are like me and you have multiple familly members using your computer you might often find thing getting a bit slow… The usual cause are browsers applications open by other users...