Android Nexus 4 vs iPhone

I want to do a short blog post about my experience with Android Nexus 4. I have been an avid Apple iPhone since the beginning. I waited in line to get my phone on many occasion. I own pretty much every model made minus the 1st gen.

The interesting is that I don’t use my iPhones anymore. Since I bought the inexpensive Nexus 4 I have pretty much left the iPhone idle in my left pocket. Why? This is a difficult question to answer. I guess the 1s  part of the answer is that it does all of what I need to use it for and more. It also offer me things the iPhone did not… like some applications that Apple just would not allow (animated backgrounds, specialized keyboards, tight integration with Google Apps ecosystem, Google Cards, etc, etc).

The Nexus feel like a bit of fresh air in what I feel was just hardware refresh on the part of Apple. iOS has not evolved significantly since it release. Not as much as Android anyway. Android feel more open (it is ;-). I can customize the look and feel of the phone, all the apps I need are available. Overall I find it more fun to use.

Do I miss iCloud? Not at all. In fact I hate iCloud as it feel way to “closed”. I can’t access my files from Windows machine or other platforms like I can with Google Drive. I think Apple is making a big mistake by keeping things exclusive to Apple only Apps here. I want my files to be free and I feel like iCloud is jailing them.

The Nexus 4 screen is also making a big difference. Every time I pick the iPhone 5 I feel like the screen is now too small. I much rather surf web sites on the Nexus.

I could keep going on and on but you get the point. Will I leave iPhone forever? Probably not. If Apple can come up with some good stuff in iOS 7 I may start to use the iPhone 5 again… but I don’t have too much hope. Google has moved ahead of Apple on phone OS and they will be hard to catch up to now.


handyPrint v4.1.0b5

We just pushed a minor bug fix release to the server. This release adress a bug where printers that would have been de-selected from sharing would still be shared after handyPrint restarted.

If you are not experiencing or using this feature then there is no benefit to upgrade at this point.

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