handyPrint and OSX 10.10 Yosemite

Good new, we have been testing handyPrint on OSX 10.10 Yosemite the day it was released and found no significant issues. Only minor ones we are in the process of fixing. We have also added a new feature in the process that will allow you to “clone” or “copy” a physical printer and advertise it under a new name. This way you will be able to easily create a “landscape” version of the printer with your customized configuration. You could also create a “photo paper” copy that would print borderless on 5×6 paper size. This open a lot of possibilities that are not available on iOS.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 7.56.11 PM

You can see above the actual option (I might change the name to “Clone printer…” instead of the actual “Create printer copy…”.

Let me know which one you prefer. In the screen capture above you can see the copy I made and renamed “OfficeJet Pro 8600 landscape”.

I configured it to print in landscape. Now I can quickly print in landscape when I need 😉 We will release the 10.10 compatible version as 5.0.8 for the standard version of handyPrint and as 5.0.5 for the PRO version.


Nest Protect giving another false alarm

Hi… guess what time it is? 12h52 AM… right in the middle of the night. Our nest protect unit in the basement decided it was time for a test fire alarm right in the middle of the night!

Again, no warning, all units in the home went crazy alarming that there was smoke in the basement. The only positive thing is that I could husher the friking unit in the basement and all the other went silent… but I still had to take it off the ceiling, take the batteries out and reset the thing.

Sorry Nest but your Protect is not ready for safeguarding my house. Once I can tolerate, but now twice and I no longer trust that I won’t be waken in the middle of the night a random time. Worst, I could be warned now that there is a fire, it will be real and I will not believe it. Imagine I am away from home and I get an alarm that there is smoke. What will I think? It is the darn buggy nest unit again telling me there is smoke. No worries, it is another one of the false alarm. I will then come home hours later to find that the house burned down, that the alarm was real this time?

Nest, DO SOMETHING! You are turning your product owners into desensibilized fire alarm owners. We are talking about life and death situations and smoke/co2 detectors need to be trusted!

I know it is 3 months in but I hope you will offer me a full refund for all 3 units. I will go and buy 3 new legacy detectors on monday and put those back up instead unless you can tell me you have improved hardware ready to ship so I can replace a 1st batch of defective hardware.

This i very frustrating. The whole family is not trusting the product now. The kids already looked at the units and asked me “Dad, will the start screaming again” after the 1st incident. I am sure they will ask over and over now about that and “Why did they go off?”. The worst is that they may not run our for good if there is a real fire someday and I am not home to check on things and take them off the ceiling. Can you imagine if I had not been home knowing what to do?

I bet the fire department would have been called in and they would have come bursting through the front door. Some day one of your customer will have an incident involving property damage or false alarm bill from the police or fire department.

Nest, it is time to do something! Tell us what you are doing to resolve this issue!