Apple Watch developing touch screen issues?

I have had my Apple Watch about 3 weeks after they started shipping. A few days ago the watch started to be difficult to operate. It would not respond all the time to touch. After a few hard reboot it sort of got better until it got bad again. This morning I did a full reset on the watch (difficult given the display only responded to touch one in roughly 10 events). After the reboot it was no better. I have captured a short video showing the issue. You will notice it sometime respond to touch but most time not. Read More


handyPrint on OS X El Capitan

Good news. I have completed a preliminary testing of handyPrint v5.1 running on OS X 10.11 beta and printing from iOS 9.0 beta. I have not noticed any issues as of yet. This is very positive!

I will do more testing over the summer and will release an updated version that will address any issues found under 10.11