How to create a bootable USB key from a Windows HyperV VM

Did you ever want to boot an HyperV Windows VM from a USB key on a physical PC? Or simply want to boot windows from a USB key? Why would you want to do that you ask? Well, this can be really handy to run the new flavor of Windows you want without needing to mess with your PC internal HDD. It allow you to bring your own Windows environment in a classroom and boot to what you know every time and continue to work where you left things at.


Since it also run from a fast USB 3 key it can actually be much faster than running windows on an old clunky 5400 rpm internal drive.

So how can you make such a bootable USB key? Really easily it turn’s out. 1st, gather the following things:

  1. Get a fast USB 3.0 key like the Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive.
  2. Download and install a copy of Rufus 2.10
  3. Build yourself a Windows HyperV VM. Make sure the VM virtual HDD is smaller than the capacity of your USB key by 5 to 10 GB. This space will be used for the pagefile.

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Is Apple going too far with app rejection asking for app name change

I have tried to submit an updated version of my application called hueShow to the Mac App Store but Apple keep rejecting it. 1st time there was a legitimate reason related to UI standard in the new version of the app but now they want to force my to rename my app… that is already under the name of hueShow in the app store… Yes, they accepted this name in the past but now they apparently want me to change it:


The app contains content that could be misleading to users.

It would be appropriate to remove or revise that app name, “hueShow.”

In addition, we recommend adjusting the title of your application so that the misleading element is used as a descriptor, not as part of the product name. For example, the following styles are acceptable formats for names:

GreatApp – with tagline “for Hue”
GreatApp – with tagline “Hue edition”
GreatApp – with tagline “Hue version”

What do you think? Is apple bullying small app developer with silly request? I mean, would they ask Microsoft to rename MS Office because the name could be misleading in having users think the are buying an actual office from Microsoft? Are they right to ask me to change the name?