Nothing come out of the printers when I print from my iOS device

It usually is a firewall or anti-virus issue. Some users have reported that they had to allow connectivity to handyPrintDaemon in the anti-virus app they used to get it to work.

Now, for the OSX firewall:

1. Open System Preferences and select “Security & Privacy”

2. Select Firewall and click the lock icon if it is locked:

3. Type in an admin account username and password

4. Click on Firewall Options…:

5. Make sure that both handyPrint and handyPrintDaemon/handyPrintUserDaemon allow incoming connections:

firewall handyprint

If you see that one of them is marked as “Block” then simply change the option to “Allow” and click OK.

You may also want to make sure you allow signed app to receive incoming connections:

Firewall signed app

If that does not work then you may also want to check that there is no print jobs stuck in your iOS device. Double click on the home button and look for a printer icon. If there is one touch it and delete all print jobs inside.

If that still does not work you may try to reset the print system on your Mac. To do this right click on one of the printers and select “Reset printing system…”

Reset Printing System


You will then need to add back all the printers. That might help get things going.

If printing still does not work you should open System Preference and select Print & Scan

Select your printer and click on “Open Print Queue…”

Select Jobs in the menubar and select “Show Everyone’s Jobs”. All queued jobs will now be seen. If there are offending jobs you can deleted them and this should allow print to continue.