Custom ringtones: Simple things I can’t do on iOS

A Reddit user told me it was easy to download and use custom ringtones on iOS. I must be really dumb but I can’t figure out how to do that on my new iPhone X. Here is a screen capture I did on Android that show how I can download and then add a custom ringtone:

Moving to the iPhone X from a Google Pixel XL day 1

OK, I could not resist the attraction of the iPhone X. I have been using Android for a few years now and I am coming back to iOS. My last iPhone was the iPhone 6 plus I sold when the 6s came out. Why did I switch in the 1st place? Back then Android phones from Google were a lot...

How to create a bootable USB key from a Windows HyperV VM

Did you ever want to boot an HyperV Windows VM from a USB key on a physical PC? Or simply want to boot windows from a USB key? Why would you want to do that you ask? Well, this can be really handy to run the new flavor of Windows you want without needing to mess with your PC...

Is Apple going too far with app rejection asking for app name change

I have tried to submit an updated version of my application called hueShow to the Mac App Store but Apple keep rejecting it. 1st time there was a legitimate reason related to UI standard in the new version of the app but now they want to force my to rename my app… that is...