How to create a bootable USB key from a Windows HyperV VM

Did you ever want to boot an HyperV Windows VM from a USB key on a physical PC? Or simply want to boot windows from a USB key? Why would you want to do that you ask? Well, this can be really handy to run the new flavor of Windows you want without needing to mess with your PC...

Is Apple going too far with app rejection asking for app name change

I have tried to submit an updated version of my application called hueShow to the Mac App Store but Apple keep rejecting it. 1st time there was a legitimate reason related to UI standard in the new version of the app but now they want to force my to rename my app… that is...

Apple Watch developing touch screen issues?

I have had my Apple Watch about 3 weeks after they started shipping. A few days ago the watch started to be difficult to operate. It would not respond all the time to touch. After a few hard reboot it sort of got better until it got bad again. This morning I did a full reset on...

handyPrint on OS X El Capitan

Good news. I have completed a preliminary testing of handyPrint v5.1 running on OS X 10.11 beta and printing from iOS 9.0 beta. I have not noticed any issues as of yet. This is very positive! I will do more testing over the summer and will release an updated version that will...