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mDNSBrowser v1.0

This application will provide a detailed list of all the Bonjour network advertisements that are broadcasted on your local network. It lets you see TXT keys, resolved addresses, and link-local names. It scans for any present service available on a machine running Snow Leopard or higher. It also comes with a large list of known services (200+).

mDNSBrowser is a modern implementation of bonjourBrowser and is offered through the Apple AppStore with all the security and ease of update/install that comes with it.

If you purchase a copy of mDNSBrowser you will also be able to use handyPrint for free (no donation needed). handyPrint 3.1.2+ will recognise mDNSBrowser as a license and will allow you to use the application without being prompted to donate and enter a license. This is our way of saying thank you for buying mDNSBrowser.