Custom ringtones: Simple things I can’t do on iOS

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A Reddit user told me it was easy to download and use custom ringtones on iOS. I must be really dumb but I can’t figure out how to do that on my new iPhone X. Here is a screen capture I did on Android that show how I can download and then add a custom ringtone:

Can someone tell me or show me how to do that directly on the iPhone X without needing to use a PC or a Mac? Why no PC or Mac? At the price I paid for the iPhone X I should not have to depend on MAC or PC to do simple stuff like this.

Is iOS really so awkward and restrictive that it is impossible to do such a simple thing? I can’t believe this to be true. Apple is about making things simple. So why such a simple thing can’t be done? Please prove to me that Apple is not that bad.

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