Custom ringtones: Simple things I can’t do on iOS

A Reddit user told me it was easy to download and use custom ringtones on iOS. I must be really dumb but I can’t figure out how to do that on my new iPhone X. Here is a screen capture I did on Android that show how I can download and then add a custom ringtone:

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Moving to the iPhone X from a Google Pixel XL day 1

OK, I could not resist the attraction of the iPhone X. I have been using Android for a few years now and I am coming back to iOS. My last iPhone was the iPhone 6 plus I sold when the 6s came out. Why did I switch in the 1st place? Back then Android phones from Google were a lot less $ compared to Apple. Not so much now.

I will try to describe my journey back to iOS as the time goes by. SO far here is my experience after one day:

The iPhone X is a really, really nice phone. Even coming from an OLED screen on the Pixel XL I can tell you that screen is something. It feel like it is floating on top of the glass. Really well done Apple. Installing all the applications was easy. Basically I replaced all of Apple’s app with Google version. Integration of all the Google apps is not as tight as on Android for sure but it is tolerable.

My 1st real beef was with custom ringtones. There is apparently no easy way to add custom ringtones on iOS. You have to find files, convert them to .m4r format and the upload them to the iPhone using a usb cable attached to a PC via the iTunes software. Are you kidding me? This is how it has to be done still in 2017 Apple! OK, I figured it out but there is no reason why I should not be able to open an .m4r file in my icloud folder on the phone and select “use as ringtone”. Come on. On a positive note I really like the custom vibration thing for ringtones. Really cool. Well done there. Not something I had on Android.

My 2nd struggle is with alarm. There is no way to actually tell the app to progressively make the alarm louder. This has been available on android for years but not enough iOS users want to be woken softly to warrant Apple to add such a simple feature.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 (one being I don’t miss at all and 10 being give me back my old phone) I am at a 5 right now about the switch back to iOS. One other element that help with the transition is the super tight Apple Watch integration. I bought one to replace my Android smartwatch and it is miles ahead for sure. The Apple watch OS is not contest way better than android wear.