Sharing cool stuff I like: AUTO-LACING SHOE

Here is something that I particularly like… a Kickstarter project called “POWERLACE ADVANCED AUTO-LACING SHOE TECHNOLOGY“. I always found the concept of an auto-lacing shoe very attractive… probably I loved the Back to the Future movies back then in the 80’s.

The cool thing about this particular version is that it is totally mechanical. No complex batteries, springs, etc. Just a down to hearth system that use the user’s weight to lace the shoe. Read More


handyPring STD and PRO 5.0.9 released

I have found that the previous version (5.0.8) contained an non critical annoying bug that would cause cloned printers to not be properly removed upon rename or remove actions. v5.0.9 address those issues and also bring the cloning feature to the PRO version.

In the original v5.0.8 the option to create a copy of a local printer has also been renamed “Clone printer…” as it make more sense vs the original “Copy local printer…” option name.

That is all for now. I will publish a new version in the near future to address some cosmetic issues I just noticed with v5.0.9. None of those are actually critical. They are just cosmetic.